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Prevention Clinic

The Prevention Clinic at the Metropolitan Heart and Vascular Institute provides effective and aggressive cholesterol management for patients with cardiovascular disease and primary lipid disorders.

Abnormal blood cholesterol levels are a major risk factor in the development and progression of heart and vascular disease.  Established in 2001, our Prevention Clinic offers assistance to people with challenges in reaching their cholesterol goals. These challenges may include significantly abnormal cholesterol levels, intolerances to cholesterol medications and/or the need for improvement in dietary, exercise, and other lifestyle habits.

At our center, we assess lab results which can include total cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides, as well as annual screening for diabetes. Patients meet with nurse practitioners or physician assistants who review their family and personal medical history and perform brief physical examinations. This information will help establish each patient’s personal cholesterol goals. If advanced lipid testing or other labs are determined to be helpful in assessing risk, additional laboratory tests may be ordered. Our providers will discuss ways to help each patient achieve his or her goals through lifestyle changes including diet and exercise. If indicated, medications and/or dietary supplements will be prescribed and monitored. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled as needed.

When our high risk patients do not tolerate standard oral medications for high cholesterol, we prescribe and refer these refractory patients for injectable therapies such as alirocumab (Praluent) and evolocumab (Repatha).  This new class of medications, known PCSK9 inhibitors, targets specific liver proteins and is able to produce dramatic reductions of LDL “bad” cholesterol in order to lower the risk of cardiovascular events like heart attacks.

While most people are referred by their primary care provider or cardiologist, we also welcome self-referrals. The Prevention Clinic appointments are generally covered by Medicare and/or private insurances. However, with some policies there may be a copay or deductible. If you have concerns regarding coverage, we recommend you check with your insurance provider.

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