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Lower Limb Wound Clinic

The Lower Limb Wound Clinic at MHVI consists of physicians from a number of specialties—including vascular surgery, vascular medicine and podiatry—who provide a comprehensive approach to patient care. These experts work together to determine the underlying cause of the wound and develop a custom treatment program.

Non-healing wounds or recurring wounds can be caused by a variety of problems, including poor blood flow to the legs, diabetes and other medical issues. Patients with diabetes, vascular issues and chronic conditions are among the patients who can benefit from services offered by the clinic.

Upon scheduling your consult appointment for your wound, you will likely be scheduled to have an x-ray prior to you appointment. This x-ray helps your physician determine the best  course of care for your wound.

While most people are referred to the Lower Limb Wound Clinic by their primary care provider, we also welcome self-referrals. Wound Clinic appointments are generally covered by Medicare and/or private insurances. However, with some policies there may be a copay or deductible. If you have concerns regarding coverage, we recommend you check with your insurance provider.

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