Pulmonary Artery Pressure Monitor (CardioMEMSTM HF System)

What is CardioMEMSTM?

CardioMEMS is a small implantable medical device that easily placed in patient’s pulmonary artery.  Once implanted, the CardioMEMS HF System allows heart failure physician and providers see very precise changes in the pressure of blood flowing through the vessel between the patient’s heart and lungs.  These changes can alert your care team that your heart failure is getting worse, even before you notice any symptoms.

  • A tiny pressure-sensor is inserted into your pulmonary artery through a short, low-risk procedure.
  • You simply take a daily measurement of the sensor from the comfort of your home.
  • Your healthcare provider reviews the information received from the sensor and contacts you if changes to your medications or treatment plan are necessary.

Regular monitoring from your home allows you and your medical team to get ahead of heart failure before it worsens and you develop symptoms.  This monitoring can help improve your quality of life and reduce hospital admissions.  Learn more.


For questions regarding CardioMEMS procedure, please contact:

Lisa Schaefer, RN
CardioMEMS ™ Coordinator