Trusted Care

We see you through every step of treatment and recovery.

Patients and their families who choose MHVI receive not just nationally-recognized cardiac expertise, but continuity and familiarity from their cardiologists and surgeons. This means for instance that patients treated with a heart bypass surgery, coronary stent, or pacemaker/defibrillator can receive their pre-procedural education, their procedures or surgeries, and their post-procedural follow-up all close to home, by providers who know them well.  At MHVI, we deliver patient-centered care with the personal attention you deserve. We are committed to building strong relationships among patients, physicians, and staff. This promotes trust, respect and comfort, which lead to a better patient experience.

From the time you set foot in MHVI you are surrounded by physicians, nurses, and staff who are familiar with your case, well before your consultation, test, or procedure takes place. In addition, we are an active research center that participates in clinical research trials in interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, and peripheral arterial disease. This allows us to offers the latest in cutting-edge therapy to our patients. MHVI offers a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic cardiovascular services from three hospitals and five clinic sites, with most of our surgical and invasive cardiovascular procedures delivered from the Heart and Vascular Center at Mercy Hospital, which is nationally recognized as a center of excellence for cardiac care.